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Data Mountain is the ultimate in protection for your computer backup data.

Data Mountain offers a separate secured area within the vault specifically dedicated to the protection of your computer backup data, which includes individual slotting for each data item along with a comprehensive library system which tracks each piece of data.

Computer Backup Data Protection, Phoenix, AZ
Data Mountain Computer Backup in Phoenix
Backup Systems at Data Mountain in Phoenix
Data Mountain computer data backup protection
In turn, there has never been a loss. We guarantee total protection for your sensitive data from earthquakes, flooding, electrical shocks caused by lightning, or the danger of electromagnetic pulse.

Temperature Controlled

Our facilities are under constant humidity and temperature control. Since Data Mountain is embedded in a mountain, the temperature and humidity never changes. Mother Nature provides this consistency 365 days a year, and thus there is never a need to worry about heat harming your data should there be a power failure or AC breakdown.

Guaranteed Security

We have a fraud-proof identification system to protect your backup data from any unauthorized individuals. With 24 hour monitoring of heat, motion, smoke, sound and vibration by means of state of the art security systems, your data is completely safe in our facilities. We offer a current, updated HFC-125 fire suppression system.

Backup Systems

Along with the above amenities, we have a backup power systems to insure uninterrupted service. A 6,000 pound steel vault door, 12 inch steel-reinforced walls and floor, and armed security guards provide the security your data deserves.

Our convenient courier services in unmarked, air-conditioned vehicles for direct data transfer and rotation will give you a peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. 24 hour emergency access of your backup data is available to access at your convenience.

Why should you back up your data?

If you’ve never been unfortunate enough to experience a computer or hard drive crash, count yourself lucky. It can be a frustrating and costly chore to restore or replace significant data. Make certain you’re covered today with our Data Mountain computer data backup protection.

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