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Make certain your items are secure with our advanced bulk storage facilities.

Bulk Storage in Phoenix, Arizona

Our facility is equipped with the security, management, and space for all of your bulk storage needs. With all the uncertainty in the world, put your trust in a locally-owned and operated storage facility. Our modern security surveillance system allows us to monitor your items 24 hours a day, ensuring their security and your peace of mind.

We offer cost-effective and secure bulk storage options for a variety of clients. We specialize in collections, crated art works and other objects too large or valuable to be stored in banks or commercial storage. Our facility is sure to suit your needs and keep your products safe.

We have over 30 years of experience storing and maintaining valuable belongings.

Mountain Vault in Phoenix, Arizona
Mountain Vault Bulk Storage facilities in Phoenix

Security is Our Priority

Our facility is embedded in a mountain, and surrounded by tons of steel, concrete and rock, which is ideal for bulk storage. Our 6,000 pound steel vault door and 12 inch steel-reinforced walls and floor assure a theft-proof environment for your belongings.

With cutting edge security systems and armed guards on duty, you don’t have to fret over the safekeeping of your bulk storage items.

Using Mother Nature

Our unique facility offers consistent humidity and temperature control for protection of all objects within the units.

By way of Mountain Vault’s design and location inside a mountain, we provide a catastrophe-proof environment that is protected from earthquakes, flooding, lightning, fire, electromagnetic pulse, and other inclement weather variables, so your belongings are kept intact.

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