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If you are concerned about the security of storing your valuable assets in your home or the reliability of storing those items in a bank safety deposit box, you can rest assured that your assets and privacy will be protected by Mountain Vault.

Mountain Vault is the first private vault facility in Arizona accredited under SecurePlus , an SDBIC program underwritten by AXA Art, an expert in insuring high value items in storage facilities and a member of the AXA Insurance group, one of the largest insurance entities in the world.

To obtain accreditation, Mountain Vault underwent a rigorous evaluation by an independent company designed to assess the safety of property being stored in our facility.

The safety of your property is our utmost concern. In addition to providing a world class facility, all Mountain Vault units now come with $5,000 of insurance coverage as well as access to comprehensive insurance at low rates to cover the full value of the property stored in your unit

With SecurePlus, all legal property contained in your unit is insured against all natural disasters, as well as theft and other catastrophes. There are no disclosures or appraisals required to obtain coverage, nor are deductibles paid upon any loss.

Covered items include: Cash, Currency, Fine Art, Gold & Silver, Antiques, Bullion, Heirlooms, Jewelry, Firearms, Gems, Bonds, Historical Documents, Sports Memorabilia, Collectibles of all kinds, and more…

The policy also provides $3,000 of benefits to defray the cost of restoring or replacing important papers or lost such as titles, deeds, wills, passports,

Covered events include: Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Looting, Fire, Flood, Tornado, Mudslide, Landslide, Sinkhole, Explosion, Terrorist Attack, Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane, and more…

We strongly believe all of our customers should maintain insurance for the full value of the property being stored as there are certain events and risks that even the securest vault cannot protect against.

Increase coverage limits up to $500,000 in less than 5 minutes

You can increase your coverage limits at any time by calling toll free at 844-426-9467, visiting our secure Web page, or simply asking one of our trained staff to assist with the process. It takes less than 5min time and requires minimal personal information. Any increase in coverage will be in addition to the $5,000 of coverage. Your confidentiality and privacy is protected at all times.

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The policy is issued directly in your name for the exact amount of additional coverage you desire. You can change the amount of coverage at any time by going on-line or by calling an SDBIC customer service representative.

Coverage limits above $500,000 are available. Please call 844-426-9467 for information.

More Coverage for Less

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With Mountain Vault and SDBIC you can also save up to 75% on insurance costs versus a homeowner’s policy—and you get more comprehensive coverage!

Precious Metal Investors

Mountain Vault accepts deliver(y) of precious metals and will verify receipt and hold them in our vault for placement in your unit.

The advantages of using Mountain Vault versus a depository or dealer owned facility are:

1. Mountain Vault has been independently accredited under the SecurePlus program as a facility providing the optimal safety and security for its client’s valuable property.

2. Investors can physically inspect and verify their purchases at our facility rather than relying on a sheet of paper confirming receipt of the assets from the depository.

3. Your property is held in a segregated unit, unlike assets held with depositories where your precious metals are held with other similar assets or with the assets of other clients of your precious metal dealer which has an account with the storage facility.

4. Insurance is provided in an individual policy issued directly in your name for the precise amount of coverage you need so you are always confident that your assets are fully protected by AXA, a world class insurance company with the same financial strength rating from AM Best as Lloyds of London. In the event of a loss, you go directly to AXA to pursue recovery. With a depository, you may receive a piece of paper evidencing an amount of coverage that is maintained on the entire facility, but you have no way to know if that amount is adequate to cover all of the assets stored at the depository. You must also pursue your claim through the depository rather than directly with “your carrier.”

Contact us today for further information and to discuss SecurePlus.

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